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Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Well ... what a day of weather changes we had today, from hail just after I got up, mist turning to sleet, snow. light rain, heavy rain and then luckily this afternoon a dry break.
So ... we took the opportunity to head of to the local supermarket to get a few essentials for the next few days ... mainly dog food! Then as the dry spell continued enough to take the daft dog for a short trog ... so we headed off down to see the miners memorial. 
Now I have covered this amazing corten steel structure in a previous post on the blog and there is much mentioned if you google The Guradian of the Valleys in Six Bells. It has caused much controversy but I personally like this massive miner overlooking the valley. As we approached it the skies were dim and gloomy and I really thought that we were going to get caught in another wintery blast of the wet stuff. 
But ... the mad mutt had been patient waiting until mid afternoon to go out and run around so ... suitably dressed in the event of such a wetting we had carried on and as I took this photo the sky magically changed.

Suddenly there was a gradually expanding patch of blue sky and the wind gently faded. I was almost laid down on the small, timber landing with the camera trying to get the balance of the shot right and there it was ... a wonderfully clear reflection.
But there were other things to reflect upon as well. The 45 miners who lost their lives in the pit disaster that killed 45 out of the 48 man that were working in that area of the mine at the time. It was a day that still affects the living relatives of those that died as seen by some of the tribute wreaths I saw today.
 I know some of those that lost relatives in that pit tragedy, but also it made me reflect on others I know locally who also face Christmas without their loved ones and that also this year includes me. Now I promised Dad that I would put a candle in every window at the front of the house ... so tonight I did, all be it that they were all  fire safe electronic ones.
But there are times when I feel that like The Guardian of the Valleys, he still looks over me  and that ... is a very comforting thought at this time of year when loss of loved ones can make the bright lights of the festive season can seem rather dimmed due to the memories
of those that we have loved and lost throughout the years. But ... we must remember the love and the laughter and feel comforted that we at least have those loving memories.
So ... wherever you are and however you feel, just remember the times of bright light
and with that caring thought ... I shall wish you all  that you sleep well tonight.

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