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Saturday, 23 November 2013


Snow-vember ... that's how this last month was forecast for the U.K.
To be fair ... quite a bit of the extremities of this united set of islands got their show of snow. However, here in the fenland flats although it was very cold, it rained quite a bit. But out trogging the dog in between the ice cold showers, there were more autumnal splashes of bright colours to warm the eye ... even if the rest of the body was well covered.
Brief spells of bright November sunlight just highlighted brighter leaves in the hedgerows.
 Hedgerows that seemed still very green, especially with the new shoots of spring crops ...
which were highlighted by the few hours of brilliant bright skies and seemingly warm sun.
But yes it was cold and I was wearing lots of body warming layers even for short walks.
Oh to be a dog and just wear one coat all the year around and not have to change it when going to bed for the night. How much easier life must be for our canine companions!
So .. whilst he was busily sniffing the latest goings on in the "text messages" left by other dogs who walk the local paths, I as usual had my camera at the ready just for even the smallest of cameos that could be found on the muddy and often boot squelchy ground.
Yes folks these were small but very welcome breaks in the day as I reach the end of my time up here. Kindly folk have missed Dafad and the jottings of the mad mutt and I.
Well, it won't be long now until I am back to hibernate in Wales and you will be able to catch up on the latest news regarding our busy rams as they enjoy tupping time and don't seem to mind in the least that the temperatures are reaching near freezing back home.
Thank you to all those who have missed my posts on the blog ... normal service will resume very soon. That's if ... I don't get snowed in when we're back up on the mountain!
Meanwhile ... one more sunny photo from the November archive ...
Lovely old wooden (but sadly inedible) mushrooms. A lovely sight to see.
I will catch up with you all again from over the border ... very soon.