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Thursday, 31 October 2013


Hellooooo folks wherever you are on this last day of October ... celebrating this Samhain or Halloween or for others Festival of Light. Whichever way you see tonight, may the winter ahead be a time of rest and recuperation from what has been for many a tough year. As Her Majesty (our queen) said some years ago now "Annus horribilis." latin for a bad year.
Certainly so many of my friends have been through all sorts of hard times this year.
I know that certainly here in the village tonight there will be a lot of "trick or treat" visitors so my pumpkin candle is ready to light, and sweets at the  ready for small scary people.
Now ... Dafad here has not yet been able to upload any of my photo's onto my friends computer, so this will be another text only post on the blog, which is a shame because some of my photographs recently have been rather wonderful fire-bright autumnal colours and
stunning fenland flat skies. But the weather after the weekend when we here at least escaped the ravages of the hurricane, has become very distinctly chillier and the winter woollies, thick socks, scarves, gloves and welly boots are now regularly in use. Brrrrr.
Please be patient for the next month as  wrap and pack up ready to head for home, when Dafad and the daft mutt will be back amongst the sheep filled haunts of Wales.
Lastly for those of you who have missed last years Halloween post ... just google ...

Dafad's Days - All Hallows Eve
and smile!
Take care out there wherever you are in the world and enjoy the season ahead.

Friday, 11 October 2013


Hello folks out there. It seems that some of you are concerned that Dafad hasn't been doing any posts for quite a while and my wafflings on have been missed which is nice to know. The reasons are simply that Ihave been a busy little person trying to sort a mega load of things out up here and then went down with some aweful bug that knocked me for six, so I didn't even get out much. I'm over that now and have been out with the mutt.

Then to top it all the landline here was terminated and as I am not going to be living here there is no point in getting a new contract with a minimum of a year to pay. So luckily I can access the blog from a friends computer and keep in touch with the outer world.
One which is most definitely changing as the summer trees are looking more and more naked, standing in their carpets of autumnal coloured leaves. It has been windy too and I have been listening to the apples, acorns and conkers dropping on to the now wet ground.
The temperature has almost halved down to around 10 degrees even during the day and today as I update you all, it has been raining either hard or softly all day, all the lovely coloured fallen leaves are now looking sad and soggy and even the dog decided he didn't want to venture out much. I've been trying to catch up with things in the outer worl and it has been good to be able to email and let folk out there that ole Dafad is definitely alive.

So bless all of you who have missed me and my wanderings, ponderings and photo's.
I promise that I shall not leave it so long until the next jottings.