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Thursday, 12 January 2012


Well ... the weather forecast tells us that the temperature is due to get colder, so maybe there is a late starting winter around the corner, meanwhile it has been unbelievably mild.
One lovely thing over these last January weeks has been the amazing red skies, morning and night with the winter skeletal trees silhouetted against changing shades of colour.
Around here, trees are not the only skeletal outlines. Now ... I never thought I would ever try to take photographs of pylons, but around here they stomp across the scenery like single file giant soldiers, spoiling the view wherever one looks, but this caught my eye ...
What you can't see from the above is the fact that I was caught in a very sudden rain storm that felt more like hail as the wind swept at great speed across the flat landscape.
The mad mutt closed his ears and tried to hide by my legs and my camera had to be put away safely as I headed back to the car and a change of clothes. But apart from that the weather has been gloriously warm and sunny for this time of year and amongst the many sounds around here like geese and late riveting woodpeckers, I've heard muntjak deer!!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Well hello to everyone after a long spell away from blogworld. Here is so different from my home hills and valleys. The Fens seem so pancake flat in comparison to my homeland.
But thank goodness for the exceptionally mild weather we're having ... not a hint of snow, like so much of U.K we did have our fair share of gale force winds that has sadly blown down a lot of old trees and scattered all sorts of loose objects all over places they shouldn't be. But ... some of the red morning dawnings and sunsets have been quite spectacular.
One of the lovely things has been the amount of things still in bloom that shouldn't oughta be and the amazing number of crab apple trees heavily decorated with crimson plump fruits. In the garden here, roses, violets, oxlips & snowdrops in bloom and much more.
One of the problems has been that this is not my computer and works so very differently from my one at home which has a much easier "eejit friendly" set up. I still have yet to work out how to edit the photo's that I've taken into a format than can easily go on to the blog ... so just a few fully pixelated ones and no they haven't been in the drinks cupboard!
Not being very pooter proficient it may take a while to get photographers images on here.
But I have been cuddling wild buffalo ... I kid ye not! Two of which have just calved. Bet that keeps you waiting in suspense! Me too ... have yet to go and see the new additions.
The best news is that Dad has had his best day for a long while, has even pottered around the garden just to see what is in bloom on what has been an amazingly mild January day.
Also on the Nature Reserve where the buffalo roam ... a mix of sheep. Just to make me feel more at home in arable fen-flat country, here's the best one yet. More will appear soon ...
Spot the "prop forward" Texel !! Trouble is ... he's on the English side.
So to all you folks out there who have mebes missed Dafads posts. I'm still exploring!!!

Sunday, 1 January 2012


  Hello folks! Yep Dafad, has survived the festive feasting. Dad not his best but getting there. Normal Dafad daftness will resume soon. 
  Meanwhile I wish all of you wherever you are an adventurous and fun year ahead. Dafad. xxx