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Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Well folks, what an interesting day it has been and a fun one too.  We were awake early before the sun came up and so sorted out a few things that needed doing before heading off up onto the mountain in the late morning sunshine and ... what a wonderful surprise.
Yes ... snow! What a lovely sight for a Christmas morning, but look at those blue skies,
it really was a treat to see the mountain looking so wonderfully,  festively decorated. But it was late morning when we got up there and already the sun had melted much of the snow and so the winter pastures were still full of easily accessible grass for sheep to graze.
 But on the higher commons land there was still even at midday, a good sprinkling of snow and on the higher ground in the distance the mountain tops were also white in the sun.
But there were even more signs of the fact that this was Christmas Day and fun things too
Someone ... had created a sort of Santa and using ones imagination ... an  Xmas pudding!
though the sheep in the in-bye fields had their own sort of Christmas feast ...
Though a few seemed not to be interested in what is let's face it, just another pile of hay
though these two seemed to be more intrigued by those passing by, like us.
One last look over the landscape , then to the pub for a mug of warming tea and a chat,
then home to a late afternoon dinner of pheasant with all the trimmings and a rest.
Now, in the mid evening we feel more like the festival turkey, tired out and well stuffed!
Wherever you are in the world & how ever you celebrate today ...
I wish you all a goodly, peaceful end to this year.

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