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Monday, 6 January 2014


Well Dafad here has been kind of busy catching up with all sorts of things since my return to hills and hollows of my home countryside. In between breaks in the daily doses of rain
we've managed to get out and about and have seen some wonderful sights in the landscape. I love all the changing moods of the mountain and yesterday it was dramatic.
This was one of the first sights that met my eye as I drove up to the cattle grid, I just had to stop, get out of the car and take this shot of the suns rays highlighting the valley below.
The effect was dramatic with the sunlight reflected from houses back towards the sky.
Then looking right from this stand point I noticed the two new wind turbines spotlighted under the thunderously threatening clouds over Pen-Y-Fan pond. I promised myself that I would take a closer look at these modern electricity producers, which I did today, yes I am a day behind time but things have been kind of busy over these last few days and I am trying to catch up with everything and seem to be constantly chasing my tail as they say.
 We went and parked up on a high part of the commons where the view is just expansive, 
and as we walked around but a short way away from the car, the scenery was changing so fast it was hard to keep up and when I tell you that I took 86 photographs within an hour without walking very far. The valley below was full of low lying mist but the prevailing winds were pushing that mist up and out of the lowlands to higher grounds.
 All of a sudden the scene before me just turned rather dark and yet bright behind the cloudiness that almost obscured our view for 360 degrees, I could just spot the silhouetted
figures of two walkers on the rise where the car was parked and yet could hardly see the dog just a few feet in front of me as we navigated through the rushes back to the car.
Then just as we were about to shake off the clinging wetness and head for the warmth of home the sun appeared from behind the clouds and shone across this temporary small pond with an amazing reflective clarity as the mist dissipated and there was the sun again.
 Heading back down the mountain just after the cattle grid, lots of muddy coloured sheep were grazing on the mist laden grass just as the sun was beginning to set on a cold  day.
 I stopped where I took the first photograph and looking at a slightly different angle across the valley, I could see the mist rising like smoke from the evergreen of the forestry.
With hands so cold that I couldn't even operate the camera properly, I decided that it was time to get back inside the warmth of indoors and drove home with the sun setting at speed. By the time we got through the front door it was almost dark and raining again and I was just too tired out to write all this out but today I drove over for a closer look at those two rather "outstanding" turbines but more about that windy adventure tomorrow.

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